Pets are the best. They're sweet, cuddly, derpy, tons of fun and we are searching for America's Favorite. Pet lovers, let's catapult one kitten or propel one pup into the spotlight! Not only will the top dog and cat take the title, but they will also charm their way into the pages of Dogster or Catster Magazine and each take home a $5,000 cash prize! YOU decide which pet takes the treat — all while supporting a good cause (more on that below)!

Lending a Paw

The America's Favorite Pet Competition supports animal rehabilitation and recovery for our furry friends in need. We are thrilled to partner with the PAWS Foundation to join in their mission to help cats, dogs, and wild animals thrive in happy, healthy homes or in their natural habitats. PAWS actively rehabilitates orphaned and injured wildlife, shelters and adopts homeless cats and dogs, and provides education and outreach within the community to promote compassionate action for animals. America's Favorite Pet has funded the rescue and rehabilitation of over 2,400 cats and dogs to date, and helped PAWS expand their wildlife rehab programs. We remain a faithful advocate for the PAWS Foundation and are always looking for ways to grow and support this rescue mission! Learn more about PAWS by visiting paws.org.

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Furbaby Socks™ creates custom socks featuring your favorite furry friends, all while helping animals in need. The New York-based brand donates 5% of the net profits from every pair sold to the ASPCA. Check out the exclusive America’s Favorite Pet and Furbaby Socks collaboration!

Furbaby Socks

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We’d like to give a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors for teaming up with us to provide incredible giveaways for the contestants throughout the competition this year!

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America's Favorite Pet

Hall of Fame


When it comes to playful pups, our 2021 America’s Favorite Dog, Raoh, is so much more than your typical stubborn Frenchie (although his paw-rents admit that’s part of his charm)! His playful and loving spirit took him to the top of his pack and earned him the esteemed title of America’s Favorite Dog. When Raoh isn’t snuggling up to his owners or watching Animal Planet, he is busy trying his “paw” at his new favorite hobby- soccer!


ot only was Cole one half of the dynamic duo, Cole and Marmalade, but he was an incredible black cat with a fantastic story to tell! Cole was first adopted back in 2012 after being found alone and covered in fleas in the middle of a busy intersection. It was love at first sight for his owners after they saw a snapshot of a 6-week old Cole, and he was blessed with a wonderful life with his loving humans. Sadly, Cole crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after winning the title of America’s Favorite Cat, but his legend lives on!


From the beginning, Penelope was a crowd favorite and consistently led the pack in each of the weekly eliminations. Not only was Penelope one of the brightest stars in the competition, but she was also one of the youngest, being only 8-months old towards the end of the competition. She is proof that age is just a number and that any pet, regardless of their experience, has the opportunity to accomplish some pretty big things! Winning the title of America’s Favorite Dog is hard work, and Penelope is still celebrating her big win with lots of cookies, naps, and cuddles from her loving family.

Booger Roux

Booger Roux, or “Roux,” as he is affectionately known, is a special cat indeed. As a kitten, he was found during a blistering summer day on the doorstep of Lynne & Allan Melby, malnourished and only weighing a total of 8 ounces. Luckily for sweet Roux, the Melby’s have been actively rescuing animals since 2000, and they welcomed him into their home with loving arms alongside his 13 new brothers and sisters. Along the way, Roux has overcome many obstacles, proving his resilience time and time again. Roux was diagnosed with having “down syndrome-like symptoms” at a young age, but he hasn’t let that stop him from living his best life!